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 ~~    OLD  SETTLERS     ~~ 

Charles and Annie (Jureczki) Haiduk
Married May 7, 1873 in Bandera, Texas.

Charles and Julia Frances (Gordzelik) Kalka
Married February 23, 1886 in Peoria, Illinois.

 Matt and Mary  Isabel (Batto) Adamietz
Married in Bandera - Date Unknown

Joe Frank and Annie (Anderwald) Kalka
Married - February 11, 1896  

Felix and Annie (Brzozowski) Laskowski
Married November 28, 1897 in Sequin, Texas.

 Lawrence and Hattie (Ballantyne) Kalka
Married December 22, 1903 in Bandera, Texas.

Dominic and Annie (Anderwald) Dugosh
Married January 27, 1904 in Bandera, Texas.

Delmore and Mary Clara (Dugosh) Reeves 
Married in 1906

Edward Bernard and Hattie (Wheeler) Postert
(Waiting for wedding date information)

 Thomas Jacob and Eleanor (Snaer) Anderwald
   Married September 25, 1912 in Gonzales, Texas.

Louis and Agnes (Haiduk) Bedborz
Married August 18. 1914    

Cleofus and Mary ( Elsworth) Dugosh
Married June 21, 1922

John Theodore and Frances (Mazurek) Kindla
Married in 1925 in Bandera, Texas
Best Man , Charlie Mazurek...Maid of Honor , Martha Adamietz

Theodor and Rose Mary (Adamietz) Laskowski
Married February 3, 1926 in Bandera, Texas.

Hubert and Catherine (Laskowski) Dugosh
Married August 19, 1931 in Bandera, Texas.

Thomas Dominic and Eleanor (Haiduk) Anderwald
Married June 19, 1935 in White Deer, Texas.

Paul and Beatrice (Jureczki) Laskowski
Married July 1, 1936 in Bandera, Texas.

Fabian and Annie (Zumwalt) Anderwald
Married February 18, 1939 in Bandera, Texas.

Anthony (Anton) and Sophie (Laskowski) Mazurek
Married February 5, 1940 in Bandera, Texas.

Calvin and Dorothy (Anderwald) Callahan
Married February 8, 1944 in Bandera, Texas.

Nicholas and Mary Pearl (Koteras) Laskowski
Married in  Kosciusko, Texas  (Searching for Date).

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