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Franciszek Kalka was born in Prussia (Poland) on January 25, 1825.  He married Franciska (Frances) Lycek in Prussia.  Franciszek and Franciska had eight children born in Prussia: Peter, Anton, Albert, Frances, Mary Elizabeth, Charles, Rose, and Joseph Frank.  It is believed that they came from the small village of “Broaczy” in Southeastern Poland south of Zywice.  However, there are many Kalka families who immigrated from Kadlub in Silesia Poland.  No records or information has yet been found on ships passengers lists for the Franciszek Kalka family.   It is not known when they arrived in American and what port of entry.  It is believed they came to American sometime in the early spring or late summer of 1876.
The Franciszek Family lived in Cat Springs, Texas where their daughter, Victoria, was born.  After a few months, Franciszek and Franciska decided to leave Cat Springs and came to live in Bandera County, Texas in 1877.  When they arrived in Bandera they were surprised to learn that a few Kalka families were already living in Bandera County.Franciszek purchased land for farming in Bandera County South of the Medina River, later know as the “Oak Mound Farm”.  Franciszek died December 1, 1891 and Franciska died on April 3, 1898.  

Anton and Ella M. Kalka
Anton Kalka is the second child of Franciszek and Franciska  Kalka.

Daughters of Franciszek and Franciska Kalka
L to R: Frances Kalka Jureczki, Rose Kalka, and Victoria Kalka Moravietz.

Charles and Julie (Gordzelik) Kalka
Charles Kalka was the sixth child of Franciszek and Franciska Kalka.

L-R: Joseph Frank, Mary (Anderwald) Kalka, Emelia, Cecelia,
Frances, Christine, Anthony (Tony). Frank John, and Ignatius (Nick). 
Joseph Frank is eight child of Franciszek and Franciska Kalka.
Mary Anderwald is the daughter of John and Annie (Jureczki) Anderwald.
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John Kindla was born in 1805 in Centawa, Prussia (Poland).  
He was the son of Anton Kinel and Rosalia Burczka.  John married Franciska Susanna Gorel (Goryl) in 1831 in the bride’s home parish of Sw. Jana Chrzciciela in Prussia (Poland).  John and Franciska had ten children born in Poland:  Francisca, Johanna, Marjanna,  Joseph, twins Matheus and Thomas, Peter, Antonie, Johann, and Theodore.  The kindla family endured much pain and sadness when the first four children all died a few days/months after birth. Their fifth and sixth children, Antonie and Johann also died within a year after birth.   After the lose of so many children, John and Franciska decided to leave Poland with their four remaining children and immigrant to American in Texas.   
They sailed to American on the “Bremem Bark Weser”  and entered Texas at Indianola.  They then traveled to Panna Maria and later were among the eleven families who left Panna Maria and settled in Bandera County in 1955.   John Kindla signed the petition to form Bandera County in 1856.  Sadly in 1856, John lost his beloved wife, Franciska, who became ill and died.  John met Margaretha Gabor, the widow of Johann Cebulla.  They were married in 1858.  john and Margaretha had three children: Anton, Ernest, and Mary Margaret.  In 1872 more bad news and sadness came upon the Kindla family.  John’s son with Franciska, Theodore a twenty-two year old sheep herder, was attached by several Indians who  scalped him.  Theodore died after staggering part of the way back to camp.   A Mexican herder witnessed the attach and returned to Bandera to warn others.  John died in 1882 and Margaretha died in 1884.

   John Theodore Kindla  
  US Army Cavalry (No date on picture)

Ernest Kindla and Mary (Adamietz) Kindla Family - Circa 1912
Married on November 25, 1890.  Ernest is the second child of John and Margaretha born in Bandera County.  Mary Adamietz is the fifth child of John and Constantina (Pyka) Adamietz born in Bandera County.


Cora Belle Elsworth and Mary Kindla
Mary Kindla is the fourth child of Ernest and Mary (Adamietz) Kindla. Pictured with Mary is her friend, Cora Belle Elsworth. No date for Photo.

             Frances (Mazurek) Kindla                 John T. Kindla  & Granddaughters 
                With first Child, Rose Mary - 1926                             Twins - Martha and Mary

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Joseph Knappik was the son of Zophia and Gregor Knappick (Kopik) and the grandson of Silvester Knopik.  He was born in Puskowie, Prussia (Poland) in 1813.  Joseph married Magdalena Pieczka in Sw. Stanislawa Catholic Church in 1834 in Poland.  Magdalena was born in Ligota Toszecka, Prussia (Poland) in 1815.  While living in Poland, Joseph supported his family as a rock mason and worked for Carl von Strachwit, a landowner.  Joseph and Magdalena had six children born in Poland: Paul, Franz, Andreus, Paul, Maria, and Josepha.  Their first child, Paul, only lived for six days and when their fourth child (A Son) was born, he was also given the name Paul and died three days after birth.  
The Knappick family was granted permission from their landowner to immigrate to America.  In October they left Poland with their four children and sailed to Galveston on the “Bremen Bark Weser” with other Polish immigrants.  Joseph’s  sister, Barbara and her husband Franz Mikosz, immigrated to Texas with Joseph and his family.  After clearing customs in Galveston they transferred to a smaller ship and entered Texas at Indianola.  The Knappick Family was one of the eleven families that left Panna Maria and settled in Bandera County in 1855.  
No death records have yet been found of Joseph and Magdalena Knappik.

Thomas Edward and Raymond Francis Knappik
The Sons of Edward and Ella Mae (Hoyt) Knappick.  
Grandsons of Franz Knappik and Great Grandsons of Joseph Knappik. 
Picture taken in 1916.

Franz (Frank) Knappik Jr., as a young man.
The son of Franz Knappik. 
Franz (Frank) hauled freight in a horse driven cart from Pleasanton to San Antonio, Texas.  
No date on photo.

An older Franz Knappik Jr.
No date on Photo

Adolph Walter Knappik
Adolph is the oldest child of Franz and Josephine Knappik Jr.  
No date on photo.

 ~ ~ ~


Felix Laskowski was born in Chicago, Illinois on June 9, 1873.  His parents were Anton Laskowski and Anna Grajewski of the Kingdom of Prussia (Poland).  His grandparents were Laurence Laskowski and Julia Morkowski of Prussia.  Felix’s parents and their sons Constant and Franz sailed to America on the “S S America” from Bremen Germany.    Anton, was listed on the passenger list a 29 years old and a farmer.   Their son, Franz, died during the Journey to America and was buried at sea.  The Laskowski family arrived at Ellis Island in New York on March 28, 1873.  They settled in Chicago, Illinois and lived in a small wood house behind a furniture factory where Anton worked.  Making a living in Chicago was difficult.  Anton and Anna had heard the news of a settlement in Panna Maria, Texas.  When Felix was about one year old they left Chicago  and settled in St. Hedwig, Texas.  Anton and Anna had thirteen children:    Constant and Franz (died at sea) were born in Poland, Felix (born in Chicago), Teofil, Mary, Nicholas, Rosalia, Hedwig, Albina, Joseph, Leon, and Thomas were born in Texas.
Felix Laskowski met Annie Brzozowski in Gonzales County, Texas.  They were married in St. James Catholic Church in Sequin, Texas on November 28, 1897.  They rented a small two room house in Gonzales.  Felix and Annie had ten children: Theodor, Gertrude, Vincent, Paul, Clement, Emma, Leo, Catherine, Frank, and Sophie.  From Gonzales  they moved to Bandera County where Felix farmed and sheered sheep. 
Felix died on December 6, 1960 and Annie died February 21, 1965.

Portrait of Anton and Anna (Grajewski) Laskowski

Thadeus and Juliana (Barton) Brzozwski 
(Date and place  of Photos  unknown.)

                       Felix Laskowski                         Top Left - Annie Brzozowski
                 Son  of Anton and Anna Laskowski                           Sister Clara and brother Paul.
                                                                                                     (Children of Thadeus ad Juliana Brzozowski)

Felix and Annie (Brzozowski) Laskowski
Married on November 28, 1897.  They rented a small house in Gonzales, Texas where Felix was a “Cotton Farmer”.  
Felix and Annie settled in Bandera County in 1917

Felix and Annie (Brzozowski) Laskowski family Photo
Top row L to R: Paul, Catherine, Theodor (Ted), Gertrude, Vincent, and Leo. 
 Bottom row L to R: Frank, Annie, Felix, and Sophie.

 ~ ~ ~


Thomas Mazurek was born about 1816.  Thomas married Hedwig (Hedvega) in Upper Silesian Prussia (Poland) sometime in 1840.  Thomas and Hedwig had two children born in Prussia: Josephine and Phillip.  They left Prussia and emigrated to America in Texas in 1854 or 1855.  No ship records are information has yet been found.  Thomas purchased 49 acres on the west side of Bandera for $350.  He found work in San Antonio, Texas working as a Cooper (barrel maker).  Recorded in the minutes of the Bandera County District Court on October 31, 1882, Thomas declared his intention to become a citizen of the United States.  On the declaration the date given for his arrival at the port of Galveston was November 20, 1854.  Three more children were born to Thomas and Hedwig in Bandera County: Frances, Fannie, and Theodore.  In 1862, Thomas’ age was listed as 46 on the Muster Roll of Captain Bladen Mitchell’s Bandera County Company.  
Hedwig became ill and died in 1865.  Later in the same year Thomas married Mary Gruszha, a fifteen year old girl from Prussia.  Thomas and Mary had seven children: Simon, Buisalis, Luke, Philomena, Julius, Mary, and Anastasia.  Thomas died in 1891 and mary died in 1920.

Phillip and Rose Mary (Kalka) Mazurek
Married on May 24, 1879 in Bandera, Texas.

Phillip Mazurek Family Photo
Back row: Victor, Sylvestor, Kasper, Victoria, Gerdie, and Eva.
Middle Row: John, Rosa and Phillip with twins (Frank & Frances), and Pauline.
Bottom row: Helen, Joe, Tom, and Stephen 


Theodore Mazurek Family Photo - 1911
 Back Row” Lucy, Bernice, Henry, and Samuel.  
Front Row: Rose, Mary holding Amelia, Ludovicus (Louis), and Theodore (The fifth child of Thomas and Hedwig Mazurek).  Theodore married Mary Kalka in 1891.
Theodore moved his family to White Deer, Texas in 1915.



Theodore Mazurek - No date on Photo.

 Theodore Mazurek as a young Cowboy.

 ~ ~ ~


Ludwig Morawietz (Moravietz, Morawice Moravits).  There are many different spelling of the name Morawietz, and descendants of Ludwig have used them.  Ludwig was born in Kamien Slaski, Silesia Prussia (Poland).  His parents were Urban Morawietz and Marianna Noparlik.  Ludwig married Marianna Rudolf September 20, 1829 in Kamien Slaski.  Marianna Rudolf was also born in Kamien Slaski.  Ludwig and Marianna grew up together and were baptized in the same church.  They had eleven children born in Kamien Slaski: Joseph, Thomas, Catharina, Anna, Franzka, Johan Nepomucen, Lucia, Maria (1st), Jacob, Maria (2nd), and Franz.  Only five children survived: Joseph, Thomas, Catharina, Anna, and Maria (2nd),   The news of a Polish settlement in Texas was welcomed by Ludwig and Marianna.  With sadness in their hearts for the lose of their six children, they left their home in Kamien Slaski and emigrated to American in Texas.  No records have yet been found of the Ship they sailed on and when they arrived in Texas.  Records show that the Morawietz family came to Bexar County and settled on Martinez Creek, now know at St. Hedwig, Texas. On September 13, 1856, records show that Ludwig registered his cattle brand at the court house in San Antonio, Texas, and that he owned a house and land.    After their oldest daughter, Catharina was married, Marianna became ill and died on October 1, 1857.  Ludwig never re-married and remained in San Antonio until January of 1859 when he sold his home and 15 acres.  He moved his family to Bandera County where he purchased land .  In most of the Bandera County records his name is recorded as “Louis” Morawietz.  Ludwig always had a close relationship with his children whom he loved.  He died January 24, 1892. 

Thomas and Frances (Haiduk) Morawietz
Thomas Morawietz was born December 13, 1833.
Married on May 8, 1862 in San Antonio, Texas.
Thomas is the second child of Ludwig and Marianna Morawietz.  Frances is the daughter of Albert and Josephine Haiduk.  Thomas and Frances had ten children: Andrew, Thomas, Leonard, Joseph, Paulus, Sophia, Jesse, Katherina, Francisca, Francisuis, and John. 
Thomas’ first marriage was to Anna Koza who died after giving birth to their daughter, Mary Clara.  
Thomas signed a declaration of intention to become a citizen of the United State of America in Bandera County on August 8, 1860.  He stated that he arrived in Texas on or about November 15, 1855. 

Four Generation Family Photo - 1912  
Thomas Morawietz and Francis Haiduk Family 
Thomas died Feb. 1, 1917, Frances died on Jan. 26, 1946.

Frances (Haiduk) Morawietz 
100th Birthday celebration with her favorite “Lamb  Cake”.
February 26, 1945.

Frances (Haiduk) Morawietz and her Children.
   Photo taken about 1945.

 ~ ~ ~


Johann Pyka was born June 23, 1821 in the village of Kamien Slaski, Prussia (Poland).  He married Francisca Jaszkowitz on October 2, 1843.  Johann and Francisca had four children born in Prussia: Marianna, Constantine, John Jr., and Franciska.  During the time they lived in Prussia, Johann struggled to make a living.  They were poor peasants.   When the news reached Prussia about a Polish settlement in Texas, Johann was quick to sign up and made arrangements to leave Prussia.  The Pyka family boarded the “Bremen Bark Weser” in Bremen, Germany and arrived in Galveston, Texas on December 3, 1854.  They entered Texas in Indianola and traveled inland with a large group of Polish immigrants to Panna Maria, Texas.  They spent their first “Texas Christmas” in Panna Maria.  Johann and Francisca were one of the eleven families who left Panna Maria and settled in Bandera County in 1855.
Johann purchased land and was a wheelwright, carpenter, and farmer.  His signature is on the 1856 petition to form Bandera County.   
two more children were born in Bandera County, Frank, and Anton.
Johann died in 1896 and Francisca died in 1904. 

Frank and Frances (Jureczki) Pyka
Frank was the sixth child of Johann and Francisca (Jaszkowitz) Pyka.
Frances is the daughter of Jacob and Teckla Jureczki.
Married in Bandera County, Texas.  Frank and Frances had nine children.

Frank and Frances Pyka Children
Top row L-R: Matthew, Sylvester and August.
Bottom row: Emmett, Mary and Agatha in chair, and Valentine. 
 Frank and Frances had nine children: Children not in picture are Helen and Joe.
No date on photo.  Agatha was born in 1896 and died in 1899.                                                                     

Home of Frank and Frances (Jureczki) Pyka
L to R: Two mules, Joe, Helen, Frank, Frances, and Mary.
No date on Photo.

Frank and Frances Pyka 
50th Anniversary in Bandera County, Texas.

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