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Born in Silesia Prussia/Poland in 1802.  Married Josepha Conietzko in Poland.   Josepha and Simon had two sons, John and Albert, born in Silesia Prussia (Poland).  The Adamietz family were struggling to make a living in Prussia and joined many Silesian Families who emigrated to American.  The name and date the Adamietz family sailed to American and Texas has not yet been found.  The Adamietz family  was one of the eleven families who left Panna Maria in 1855 and settled in Bandera County.  Simon Adamietz became an American Citizen and his signature in on the 1856 petition to form Bandera County.  Josepha was a mid-wife in Bandera County.  Simon died on November 24, 1879 and Josepha died on December 12, 1884.

                                           John Adamietz                              Constantina Pyka Adamietz
                    Son of Simon Adamietz                          Daughter of Johann Pyka

The John Adamietz Family
From L to R Standing:  Ignatius, Henry Vincent, Matt, Mary (Adamietz) Kindla,  Annie (Adamietz) Abernathy, and Alex Adamietz.
From L to R sitting: Valentine, John (Son of Simon Adamietz) and wife Constantine (Pyka) Adamietz (Daughter of Johann (John) Pyka), and Bina Adamietz Jureczki).  Children in front standing, L to R: Felix Adamietz and Frances (Adamietz) Ruge.  
There were eleven children but only ten are pictured.  Peter Adamietz was the second or third child and died March 2, 1893.  The date photograph was taken is estimated to be 1895 or 1896.  This is based on the fact that Peter is not in the picture and Frances seems to be about 3 or 4 years old and she was born in 1892.

 ~ ~ ~


Franz was the son of Johann Anderwald and Barbara (Lippok) Anderwald of Kadlub Prussia (Poland).  Franz was born In Kadlub, Silesia Prussia/Poland August 24, 1809 and Married Elizabeth Adamietz in 1834.  Franz and Elizabeth had 10 children  Two of their children died in Poland at a young age.  The Anderwald family traveled to America and Texas with eight children on the “Bremen Bark Weser”, arriving at the Galveston Port of Entry on December 3, 1854.  They were among the 11 families who left Panna Maria and settled in Bandera County in 1855. 
The  eight children of Franz and Elizabeth -  Jacob, Valentine, Maria, Francisca, Hedvega (Hedwig,Anton, Johann (John), Catherine, Gabrial, and Joseph.  Franz died October 22, 1887 and Elizabeth died one week later.

Photo - Left to Right:  Raymond and Johnnie Anderwald, 
John William Anderwald and wife, Annie Jureczki Anderwald.  
John William was the oldest son of Valentine and Josephine (Mazurek) Anderwald

Valentine Wilcock Anderwald 
May 14, 1836 - January 28, 1913,
Oldest son of Franz and Elizabeth (Adamietz) Anderwald.
Valentine and Josephine (Mazurek) Anderwald had 8 children. 

Hedvega (Anderwald) Hicks - 1904 Photo
Hedvega was the fourth child of Franz and Elizabeth (Lippok) Anderwald.  When she arrived in Indianola, Texas with her parents, she developed a severe fever and was quarantined for a short period.  Hedvega married Fabian L. Hicks in 1858.  Pictured in photo with Hedvega are her grandchildren:  Standing, John and Charles, seated are Edith and George.

Family of Gabrial and Mary (Moravietz) Anderwald
Gabrial was four years old when he came to Texas.
Pictured in the photo are the children of Gabrial and Mary.
Sitting in chairs are Gabrial and Mary Anderwald.  
Gabrial and Mary had ten children: Adam (Died at Birth), Annie, Susan, Thomas, Jacob, 
Raymond, Genevieve, Frank, Augustine, and Amelia.  Only seven children are in Photo.

 ~ ~ ~


Joannes Dlugosz was born on May 10, 1823 to Jacob Dlugosz and Anna Sowka in Rozmierz, Silesia Prussia (Poland).  Joannes married Franciska Kasperczyk in St. Michael Catholic Church on January 31, 1847 in Rozmierz.   Joannes was the oldest child of 12 children born to Jacob and Anna Dlugosz (Including twins).  Joannes and Anna made the painful decision to leave their families in Silesia Prussia and come to America and Texas.  They left Rozmierz with their 2 children, Catharina and Constantin, and sailed with the Anderwald family on the “Bremen Bark Weser”  to Galveston, Texas.  They arrived in the Galveston Harbor on December 3, 1854.  The Dugosh family spent there first Christmas in Panna Maria and were among the eleven families who left Panna Maria and settled in Bandera County in 1855.  Joannes Dlugosz changed his name to the English version (John Dugosh) shortly after he arrived in Bandera County.  He became an American citizen and  signed the 1856 petition to form Bandera County.  John Dugosh built the first combined house and store in Bandera for German merchant, August Klappenbach.  
Franciska died in 1897 and John died in 1899.

Original Homestead of Polish settler, John Dugosh.
From L to R:  Annie (Anderwald) Dugosh (wife of Dominic Dugosh), Agnes (Halamanda) Dugosh and husband Constantin Dugosh. Children of Annie and Dominic , Clement, Hubert, John, and Frank sitting on lap of Dominic Dugosh.   Constantin came to Texas with his parents when he was only 4 years old.  Photo taken about 1913 - 1914.

 Catharina Dlugosz/Dugosh and Husband, Antone Anderwald.
Catharina, daughter of John and Franciska, came to Texas when she was seven  years old.  Catharina and Antone Anderwald had 14 children: Simon, Victoria, Theofield, Joanna, Felix, Marcynna, Peter, Agnes, Alex, Rose, Veronica, Casmir, and twins Bernice and Bronislaus.  
This is the only photo  found of Catherina and Antone.  No date on photo.

  Constantin and Agnes (Halamunda) Dugosh
 They were married in Bandera, Texas on  July 2, 1872.
Constantin was born in Rozmiez, Prussia (Poland) in March 1850.  
He was four years old when he came to Texas on December 3, 1854.  
Constantin and Agnes had four children: Dominic, Mitchell, Jacob, and Mary Dugosh.

John Jacob Dugosh and Francis (Kalka) Dugosh 
Photo taken on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  John Jacob was the third child of John and Franciska Dugosh and was born in Bandera County, Texas on November 27, 1857.  John Jacob and Francis had ten children - Catherine, Casper, Clara Mary, Joannes, Elizabeth, Joanno, Annie, Cleofus, Florence, and Christine. 

Kasper Dugosh and wife, Josephine (Czerner) Dugosh.  
Kasper is the youngest son of John and Franciska Dugosh.  Kasper was born in 1862 in Bandera County, Texas.  Kasper and Josephine had 8 children - Hedwig, Julie, Pete, Theofile, Isabel, Thomas, Mary, and Magdalen. 

 ~ ~ ~


Albert Haiduk was born in Upper Silesian Prussia (Poland) about 1816. He married Josephine Garbela in Poland.   The Haiduk family was listed on the December 3, 1854 “Bremen Bark Weser” ship passenger list as “Family Heyduck from Grossstrelze”, now known as Strzelce Opolskie in Silesia Poland.  They sailed to American with their four children: Frances, Charles, Marsalia, and Marianna.  After clearing customs in Galveston they were transferred to a smaller boat and entered Texas at Indianola and traveled inland to Panna Maria.  The Haiduk family was among the eleven families who left Panna Maria and settled in Bandera County, Texas in 1855.  Six more children were born in Bandera County: Rosalie, Hanka, Agnista (Agnes), Vincent, Josephine, and Alexander.  Albert Haiduk signed the 1856 petition to form Bandera County.  Albert Haiduk was one of Banderas’ best “Old time Fiddlers”.  
Josephine died in 1903 and Albert died on May 13, 1906.

                Charles Haiduk                                   Annie  (Jureczki) Haiduk
                    Oldest Son of Albert Haiduk                                          Daughter of Jacob Jureczki
Married May 7, 1873 in Bandera County.
Charles and Annie had five children: Marciana, Felix, Simon, Frances Matilda, and Mary Magalene.

Vincent and Frances (Kotzur) Haiduk
Vincent was born on Dec. 27, 1863.  
He was the eight child of Albert and Josephine (Garbela) Haiduk. 
He married Frances on November 18, 1884.

Vincent and Frances (Kotzur) Haiduk
White Deer Home
Pictured from L to R: Agnes, Mary, Betty, Frances, Vincent, Henry, and Telesfor.
Vincent bought a farm near Panna Maria where he raised his family.
Vincent and Frances had ten Children: Rosalie, Bernard, Genevieve, Julie, 
Floryan, Agnes, Henry, Tekesfor, Barbara, and Maria.

 ~  ~  ~


Thomas HaiduK was born around 1832 in Prussia (Poland).  It is not known when or how Thomas came to America and Bandera.  Many in the Haiduk family believe Thomas was the younger brother of Albert Haiduk and was with the Haiduk family when they  sailed to Galveston, Texas on the Ship “Weser” in 1854.   Other people believe he was the son of Albert Haiduk.  No Records have  been found in Poland for Thomas or Albert Haiduk which may be the result of the fact that Strzelce Opolskie, Poland was destroyed during World War II.
Thomas’ first marriage was to Catherina Morawietz in 1856 in the San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio, Texas.  Catherina died at the young age of 19.  Thomas’ second marriage was to Rozalia (Hoffman) Kotula in 1858.  Rozaliz had a son, Joseph with her first husband, John Kotula who died in Prussia (Poland). Thomas and Rozalia had one son, Thomas Louis Haiduk born in 1860.  They moved to Atasscosa County.     Rozalia’s son, Joseph, changed his name from Kotula to Cotulla and had a cattle ranch in LaSalle County and founded the town of Cotulla, Texas.

No pictures available for Thomas and Rozalia Haiduk

 ~ ~ ~

Franz Jureczki was the son of Jacob and Sophia (Graca) Jureczki.  Franz was  born on April 19, 1828 in Laziska, Prussia (Poland).  He married Caroline Koza of Jemielnica, Prussia (Poland) on November 25, 1851.  They had two children born in Poland, Hyacinth and Johana.  Hyacinth died six days after birth and was buried in Jemielnica.  Johana (Annie) was born on August 29, 1854 and was five weeks old when Franz and Caroline immigrated to America.  Franz and Caroline were among the eleven families who left Panna Maria and settled in Bandera County in 1855.  Franz and Caroline had four more children born in Bandera County: Ignatz (Ignatius), Joseph, Maria, and Albert.  Franz signed the 1856 petition to form Bandera County and in 1860 was listed as a farmer and grocer.
Franz died  in 1897 and Caroline died in 1902.

Portrait of Caroline Koza  Jureczki
Wife of Franz Jureczko/Jureczki

 Old Jureczki House 
Built by Franz Jureczki about 1876.


Albert Jureczki as a young baseball player.
Albert was the youngest child of Franz and Caroline Jureczki.

Albert Jureczki
 Served for over 50 years in Bandera as a law enforcement officer. 
 He was deputy sheriff under Sheriff Tom York, Sam Smith, Henry Stevens,
 and Billy Burnes.

~ ~ ~


Jacob Jureczki was born on July 25, 1823 in Laziska Prussia (Poland).  He was the older brother of Franz Jureczki.  Jacob married Thecla Matyszek in Jemielnica Silesia Prussia on January 23, 1849.   They had four children born in Prussia Poland:  Leonard, Polycarp,  Jacob Jr., and Franz.  Jacob  Jr. died when he was five months old Jemielnica.  In 1856,  Jacob and his father decided to leave Poland and join Franz in Texas.  For some reason unknown, Jacob’s father and mother changed their plans to immigrant to Texas.  One year later,  Jacob,Thecla, and their three children sailed to American on the ship  “Suwa” which landed in Galveston, Texas in January of 1867.   Jacob and his family traveled from Indianola to Bandera County where his brother, Franz, was living.  Jacob and Thecla had four more children born in Bandera County: Francis Albert, Johanna, Franzka, and Joseph.  In 1868, Jacob purchased land for $100 on the Medina Lake in Bandera County. Jacob died in 1888 and Thecla died in 1910 in Bandera.

Thecla Matyszek Jureczki
 Wife of Jacob Jureczki.
Born in Jemielnica, Prussia (Poland) on September 20, 1825. 

                 Leonard Jureczki                                           Rosalie Haiduk
             Oldest son of Jacob  and Thecla                                        Daughter of Albert Haiduk

Urban and Mary Josephine (Kalka) Jureczki
Married in 1916
Urban was the fourth child of Leonard and Rosalie Jureczki.
Mary Josephine Kalka was the fourth child of Clement and Alice (Pue) Kalka.

 ~ ~ ~


Casper Kalka was born in Kadlub Prussia (Poland) in 1819.  His parents were Simon Kalka and Francizca Petruska.  Casper married Marianna Kolibaba in 1847 in St. Michael Catholic Church in Rozmierz, Poland.   Casper and Marianna had two children born in Poland, Johanna and Margaretta.  Casper and Marianna made the difficult decision to leave their homeland and immigrate to American in Texas.  They sailed to American on the German ship “Bremen Bark Weser” with their two children.  After arriving in Galveston, Texas on December 3, 1854 they continued their journey to the Port of Indianola and traveled inland to Panna Maria , Texas.  The Casper Kalka family were among the eleven families who left Panna and settled in Bandera County in 1855.  Five more children were born in Texas: Marianna, Francisca, Anna, Paulina, and Joseph.
  Casper was a farmer and provided for his family well.  In 1866, the Kalka family moved to Atasscosa County

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Joseph Kalka was born in Kadlub, Prussia (Poland) in 1836 and is the younger brother of Casper Kalka.  Joseph was eighteen when he left Poland and came to Texas with his brother Casper.  Joseph settled in Bandera and purchased two lots in Bandera for $25.  Joseph’s signature in on the 1856 petition to form Bandera County.  On May 2. 1858, he married Anna Morawietz (Moravietz) the daughter of Ludwig Morawietz and Marianna Rudolf.  Joseph and Marianna were the parents of eight children: Frank, Franciska, Rosemary, Joseph (Jozef), Lawrence, Clemens, Maria, and Alex.
Joseph died in 1903 and Anna died in 1926.

Joseph and Anna (Morawietz) Kalka 
Anna was the daughter of Ludwig and Marianna Morawietz
Date of Photo Unknown



                     Lawrence Kalka                                 Hattie (Ballantyne) Kalka 
                    Fifth Child of Joseph & Anna                                         Married Lawrence in 1903

Polish Cowboys
L to R: Cleopfus Dugosh (Son of John Jacob Dugosh),  Joseph Arthur Kalka, 
and August Kalka (Sons of Clements Kalka).

Alex Frank Kalka Family
Alex Frank was the 8th child of Joseph and Anna Kalka.  
He married Cora Aaron and they had six children.
 Back row:  Martin, Alex Frank, George, Cora.
Front Row” Irene (Baby), and Sylvestor.  
Pictured are only 4 children. 
 Photo was taken before daughters, Katherine and Mary were born.